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GMG Problems

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Hi all, has anybody else who owns a GMG machine had similar problems to what I have had.

I have had the JB for about two months now, and due to work commitments have used it about five times now.

The first time I used it I could set a grill temperature, but the grill would sit at 150F the start up temperature.. After two hours of trial and error, I managed to reset the temperature by going to the desired temperature, then down one degree then back up to set temperature.

The grill also ran out of pellets but no low level alarm!

The suppliers set me a new control panel and everything seem fine, emptied pellet hopper and alarm worked.

Next smoke ran out of pellets again!

Next smoke emptied pellet hopper on start up and alarm went off.

Today smoker ran out of pellets again! No alarm! Now the fire chamber will not ignite, the heater rod is only warm to touch.

This is getting frustrating as I have spent a lot of money on this grill, only to be let down by it, every time I use it.

Smokin Monkey
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Hello.  TECHNOLOGY!  :icon_eek:  Now you folks were teasing me about being old school so I feel the need to help you out here and share knowledge:  smoker, charcoal, matches; problem solved!  As for the alarm: Put your hand on the smoker, if it raises a blister it's too hot!   If it feels too cool add more charcoal!  Glad I was able to help.​  :ROTF  Keep Smokin!


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Thanks Danny for that invaluable advice!!!!

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