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St Louis Ribs

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Hi Everyone,


Having a smoke fest this weekend and need to cook stuff in shifts - not worried about  resting butt in the cooler but I've never had to do it for ribs.  Can ribs hang out in a cooler for a couple of hours?  Do I need to cook them differently if they'll be resting?  I usually cook 3-2 - 1ish.


Thanks in advance.



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yes you can hold the ribs the same way.

Happy smoken.


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When I am cooking for a crowd with a mix of meats I too often cook in shifts. Ribs are fine cooked the previous day and then wrapped in foil and chilled. To re-warm, place them back in the smoker (or the oven, or in your gas grill) in the foil for about an hour on a low heat before serving. I actually find that the resting in foil while they cool works well and once re-warmed they will stay nice and moist looking after being cut for a lot longer.


Initially cook as normal 3-2-1

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