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Drum with painted inside

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The drum i am about to buy is unlined. The priblem is it is painted on the inside. Is that a problem? What should i do?
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Got to get the paint off. Either sand blast it out or burn it out.
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How do i burn it out. Never did a uds
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Drill your 4 intake holes the fill with scrap wood. Lit it on fire.
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If i get a big poppa kit when do i di the burnout? Do i need to do anything else
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Do the burn first.
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If you are going to buy the kit, wait to do your burn until you get the kit. Then drill all the holes the directions say you need for installation. Then do your burn out, then repaint the exterior with high temp paint (yes the exterior paint will come off too.) Then mount all the hardware.
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leave it  and do this build your drum and fire box    then after your drum is ready to cook this is what i do  i find fruit wood then i  put about  3lbs of birquets in start it   then cut all your fruit wood into about 6 '' pieces load it up  set temp to about 225 and let it burn for about a day  then on second day do the same thing again  but stop at butcher and get  a bunch of fat and or cheap fatty meat  after fire is going to temp 225 add meat   the fat drips  into coals and sticks to smoker walls lid    creating  a thick protective cake on smoker walls .

after  two days of 24 hr smoke or 48 hrs  when you look in drum the whole drum will have a thick cake on walls  at this point your drum is seasoned  and ready to use   i quit burning drums because they rust out quicker     good luck granddad 

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I use pallets. They are free and it takes two to burn it out. I am a little worried you might have a food grade drum there.

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You are right it is food grade all bbq have a 1/4 inch of black cake or soot juice in my drum I never cook over 275 degrees so no problem low and slow and yes I have used unlined drums in the past if it works for you great good luck happy smokeing
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