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MY morning adventure....

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The annual pig roast commences.... more to follow



My helper finally woke up and came out to keep an eye on things...

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Looks good. I want to do a whole pig over a pit like that some day. I have only done the spanish little red boxes, large rotisserie smoker or oven.
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Nice , do you have Apples in the cavity or going empty. What wood are you using . More input , we need narration :police2:.


I'm in...:popcorn


Have fun and . . .

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Hey Old School, been busy in and out. Using royal oak charcoal, nothing in the cavity, going all natural on this one, no injections, just a variety of sauces for ppl to choose from, and fresh buns from the local bakery.. Coming along nicely though. Trying out this design from a friend of the neighbors, probably gonna be building one in the near future. Pig is 100 lber, looking at about 60 people here tonight. Also having a corn boil and BBQ beans. Everything else is bring your own sides.

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Looks great so far.  Now if I can figure out how to fit a whole pig in my Electric :drool:

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and a few final pics, everything turned out great. A bit of rain cooled things off for about 15 mins, then a few clouds


Pig finished after about 12 1/2 hours, went though 3 bags of lump charcoal.

Out of the fire and onto the table. Served on a fresh bun with a variety of sauces, bbq, red hot etc.

Cleaning the carcass for leftovers, kept most of the bones for soup stock.

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Looks great, you're making me hungry! 

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