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New bradley Smoker

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I picked up a new bradley 2 rack for a killer deal at my local Target, 99$ New in box. I then got 4 boxes of hickory and 5 boxes of Apple 24 pucks per box) for 40$. That will give 108 hours of smoke application as each puck lasts 30 minutes in this model. It seems just the right side for when it is just the fiancée and I. I can't have my charcoal smoker (22.5 WSM) at my condo due to bylaws and it stays at my parents house for big smokes. Just waiting on my AMNPS, am going to see if I can use it to get smoke for my bacon. If not it will be over to my parents place to smoke

299$ regular price in my parts for the smoker and 13$ for the brisket boxes. I would never pay that price. But for 99$, I'll go for it.
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Nice deal and good luck with it...JJ

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