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I am lovin Fatties

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Sorry I did not do a big Qview.  I was under the gun, racing around, trying to get everything in the smoker with friends coming over to eat.  I also gave myself a real nice gash rushing.  Wish I would have waited 1 more day to sharpen my knives.  lol


I can't give a step by picture account of the smoke but I can at least tell you whats in them.


The first was my idea of a philly cheese steak Fatty.  My wife likes ground beef. I couldn't find good thinly sliced steak so I went with the

ground beef.


Philly Fatty

Ground beef

Sauted onions

Sauted mushrooms

sliced Provolone cheese

sliced america cheese

Wraped in Bacon


Italian Fatty - this was my favorite, and everyone elses.

Italian hot sausage

Sliced provolone

Sauted Onions

Sauted Mushrooms

marinaded Artichoke hearts.

Sliced black olives

Roasted Garlic

Roasted red peppers

Wraped in Panchetts

Here they are.  I ha a few hot sausage links left over from the package so I smoked them also.



I also threw in 8 leg qurters because noone likes an empty grate.




My wife flipped over the Philly Fatty.  She told me I can make it every week.  If you knew my bride you would understand what a compliment that is.  lol


My guests loved the italian Fatty.  The hot sausage mixed with all of those sweet sautade and roasted vegtables in side was a great combinatiopn.


Next time I will try to get the Qview to post.


This is my forth smoke since fathers day when I got my smoker and came back to SMF.  I tried once in 2008.  I didn't use the site.  At that time I didn't realize how valuable the site was and my smoke crashed miserably.  My daughters got me a nice smoker for fathers day and I have been reading on this site since.  The Fatty and chicken are my favorite but I still haven't tried a pork butt.  Maybe next.


So how do they look?

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They look great to me.


Nice job.

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Looks like you had an awesome smoke. Love the recipe for that Philly Fatty. I'd say you nailed it.
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Thanks for the kin words.  The wife was rigth (ot tell her I said that).  Less is more on the Philly Fatty.

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