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Masterbuilt Duel Fuel Pro Self-Destruct

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Just as an FYI, my Masterbuilt Duel-Fuel Pro self-destructed on me in quite a spectacular fashion the other day.


I had turned it on to let it heat up and I noticed the flame was a little low. It had been some two weeks since I used it last so I thought maybe it needed to warm up or something, so I let it go and decided to check on it in 5 minutes. When I came outside 5 minutes later, flame was shooting out of the front of the smoker at the bottom, I think out of the venturi (?) but I'm not certain. I ran over just in-time to shut off the tank, a few seconds later about 6 inches of the rubber gas hose completely melted and turned into a puddle of goo on my patio floor. If I hadn't gotten there when I did I'm sure that hose would have melted and been shooting propane out of it. 


Afterwards, I checked the venturi for obstructions and couldn't find anything. I thought maybe a bug had crawled up in there and died or something and was blocking the propane from coming up through the burner. So I'm not exactly sure what caused it. My unit was about two years old, I kept it outside under my porch awning with the nylon cover over it when not in use. I plan on sending an email to Masterbuilt just to let them know about it in case anyone else runs into the same issue. 


Time for a new smoker!

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I would guess spider web. The fire probably burnt it outth_dunno-1[1].gif.

Happy smoken.


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