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Tri Tip kinda night

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Got a small Tri Tip on the Infrared right now.  going to pair it with some Copy Cat Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Bisquits!!  


Pics to come all you "thread is worthless without pics" people :biggrin:


I think the wife is making Mac and Cheese as well......we shall see. 


I seared the Tri-Tip and now have it on indirect heat.   Wish I had time to smoke it but this was a last minute kinda thing :biggrin:



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Marinated and on the wine.....etc


Local Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPA....yummmmmmmy


Little Cross Hatch action


Coloring up nicely!!!


Making the biscuits now and gonna eat soon!!!



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Jump in there , Scott. You like Med. Rare so scortch it and eat it...  I haven't done one ($) , but I'm wondering if you did a little on just smoke , then kick-up the heat:icon_question:


Got my eyes on ya , Buddy :drool



Later . . .

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Nice sear on both sides OldSchool then off direct heat. Kept the grill around 350F and let her work her magic.  I threw in a handful of Pecan chips!!!  Pulled it off at 130F and letting it carry to 135F or so.


It's resting now and I am making the biscuits



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SOOOOOOOO tender.  Had to take the little end piece and MMMMMMMMM


Cheddar Bay Biscuits ready for some heat.


Bad picture :wife: but Cheddar Bay's ready for MY plate


BEAR VIEW!!!   Now that's a plate of food!!!


Was it good????



Oh I would say it was!!!  


Thanks for looking



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