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couple questions

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Ive been doing a lot of smoking on a Weber 22 lately. Ive noticed that my cook times are less than the suggested time. Im using Kingsford and adding wood chips. I have a thermometer inside (not in the lid) and keep the temps at the suggested temps. The stuff comes out great. So my questions are do you think my thermometer is off? Whats the best thermometer I can get? Should I even worry about it?
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Test the thermo you have. Get a pot of water boiling on the stove and with a gloved hand hold the probe in the water and see what the thermo reads then you'll know how far off it is and adjust accordingly

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I usually calibrate my therms. each time I use them. I record the readings in my "BBQ Log" and refer  to it if I forget the reading.


I suggest  the use of a log to record all your good and bad smokes , makes a great learning tool .


I have several I have filled so far , and each time I enter my notes , I review the last few cooks to see if I could have done something different to improve my skill .:biggrin:  It's fun to keep records and is a big deal when  you have a friend that wants to learn too :icon_exclaim:




Have fun and . . .

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