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hello from MN.  rookie smoker and photographer here but at it a long time. :)   popped in to see what I can learn and maybe help guys learn how to smoke eggs.  The best treat on the planet. :)

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Welcome, glad ya joined us !
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Welcome to the site, got my attention eggs smoked. Do a show and tell please.


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Hard boil and peel yer eggs.  Cold smoke them with apple wood or cherry.  If you cant cold smoke do like I do. 145 for 45 minutes.  Put them in the smoker and turn it on.  Mine is electric. no water needed and close the vent.  Devil them many ways. One of my favorites is with Chipotle mayo, a little black pepper and sprinkle with paprika. Enjoy !   Just got back from next door. These lasted about 45 seconds. lol









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Thanks they look great I have a MES40 it can cold smoke. Were are you located fill out your profile in Roll Call let every one know, what kind of smoker you have.

Thanks for sharing Richie

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Masterbuilt 30 inch electric. 

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Hello and welcome from East Texas Eggs Look Good


Gary S

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