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Smoking for sons wedding

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My middle son is getting married tonight and the reception is at our backyard tomorrow. He wanted pulled pork and grilled chicken. Decided to smoke the pork on thursday and reheat it on saturday. Got a case of butts from Sams Club, will smoke 8 and freeze the other 2. Also a case of chickens, cook 8 and save 4 for later. Here's some pics:


Butts rubbed with Jeffs Rub and ready for the cooler

6AM Thursday

1AM Friday 165 deg and ready for foil and oven

Did not reach 200 deg until 4:30AM then into the cooler to rest

9AM and now time to pull

Will post again tomorrow when it all comes together

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How wonderful on your son and that you're even hosting the warm and very fabulous food component of the celebration!


Here is well wishes to all!!!! That's so exciting and your photos look terrific. I am sure that everyone will be impressed.


Pratar du svenska? (I saw your name/slogan, and I speak Swedish and thus wondered, as it's so fun to have the rare opportunity to speak with people).


In any event, here's to your son's special day! How very fantastic!!!!!!


Cheers! - Leah

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Congratulations. Bet the boy and all those attending will be thoroughly impressed. Smiles will abound!

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My, this post inspires me. If there is anything better than cooking for family, it is cooking for family on a joyous occasion. The pork looks terrific (thanks for the qview). Everyone will love it and you will remember this cook for a long time.


I hope you find time to post more pictures, I would like to share vicariously.



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Well,wedding went off without a problem.

Saturday morn now and it's the lull before the storm.


I have enough pork for 5 large crockpots. Dressed with the aspic from the meat and SoFlaquer's finishing sauce.

Also a modified version of Jeffs' BBQ sauce on the side.


8 Chickens grilled and in the roaster to get good and tender.


Time to sit back and grab a Grain Belt or three.


Sorry Leah but I'm a 3rd generation scandihoovian. I understand a few words but can't converse in swedish, heck I have trouble with english sometimes, Ha.

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That all looks great. Enjoy the day!



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Nice, very nice ! Very cool smoke with a lot of happy folks after eating that Q ! icon14.gif
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Congratulations to all!  That looks like it's going to be a pretty great feast!  Those butts look soooo good I can smell them from here.  :drool:

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