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Sausage got to room temp. Should I toss?

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I think I know what the answer to this is going to be but I'm asking anyway.


I'm making a summer sausage using 5 lbs of ground hamburger and various spices along with 5 grams of #1 cure.  My procedure was going to be, get it mixed well, place in my outside refrigerator for 24 hours, take it out, mix it again, repeat for 4 days.  Finally I would stuff it and then smoke.


All went well for the first 2 days but when I pulled it out today I noticed it was not cold.  In fact it was 69 degrees   It is now sitting in another refrigerator at 36 degrees.


So should I toss it?  It had 2 good days with the cure and less than 40 degrees.  I don't know how long it was above 40 on the 3rd day.  Can I finish the process and smoke to 160?  I suspect the prudent thing to do is to dump it but shouldn't the cure have protected it?




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It "might" be OK because it had cure in it.... BUT..... for what 5#'s of ground beef costs, I would toss it.... If you get sick, or worse, one of your kids gets sick....... that costs a lot more than 5#'s of beef......
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The cure protects it for only so long.  Normally less than 4 hours with the 40 deg to 140 rule..  Since you dont know how long it was in warm temps I would toss it.  Reinhard

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If you ever get food poisoning you will never forget. Of all places I had it in Boot Camp for a solid week! They are not very loving or have much sympathy for you in the boot camp.

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That's the answer I expected and I agree, it's always best to err on the side of safety. My dogs are very happy with the answer as well because I'll probably fry it up and add it to their food.

Back to the store for another 5 lbs.

I really appreciate the collective wisdom and willingness to help that I have seen from this forum.

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Good job of inguiring!! Instead of taking a chance!! Happy SM Weisswurst

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