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Got a gift but can't figure it out!

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Let me start by saying hello and sorry if this is the wrong section. I just received a gift today and I have no idea how to work it or what it exactly does! I'm super excited to get it working but I need the product's name to try and get it working. Help please :c

This is it! Was I correct to assume it was a smoker? Thanks in advance!
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No clue what that might be?


Maybe someone on the forum might know?


Stop by the Roll Call Forum and introduce yourself with a little info.


That way we can give you a hearty welcome to the forum!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Thanks! Ill be sure to do that now.
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LOL... looks like one of those things they had with grow lights for pot back in the 70's. J/K LOL


I am thinking Popcorn, chestnuts, pretzels, street vendor maybe???

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Picture #1 on the back right of the counter, looks kind of similar to what you have except smaller.

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looks like a popcorn popper to me!

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A few more pictures from different angles would probably be helpful.  Also a bit more detail. Is it electric (as in does it have a cord)? how heavy is the cord? I can see some hinges so there is a full length door there.  IS there a thermometer?  Any sort of controls?  Would love to help you out but just need more info.

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Is there nothing in the center hole? No heating element of any kind? How far off the ground does it sit? What size is the center hole? Maybe a Propane Camp stove will fit under the unit, or the whole thing can sit on top of a propane stove...JJ

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