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Probably not the kind of Chief you are thinking.

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Hello, My name is Eric and I have spent over 30 years serving my country in the US Army as a Chief Warrant Officer. (Thus Chief's Smokehouse)  I love to smoke meat.  I love it so much, I'm going to try a couple of local BBQ Cook-Offs here in the Upstate of South Carolina (Greenville).  I currently have a Chargriller without a firebox, so I  only get to use half of my cooking surface when I smoke.  If I do well (don't get laughed at) in these competitions, I plan on jumping in with both feet and purchasing a trailer mounted grill from Custom Pits in Watkinsville, GA.  I am currently using natural lump Hickory charcoal and flavoring it with chunks of Apple and Pecan.  I'm a huge believer in Brining.  If it's pork or poultry, brining is a sure way to get the meat to come out tender, juicy and delicious.  I look forward to hearing from you all on great ideas to make my BBQ even better.


  A pan of my Pulled Pork


* A smoked pork loin I cooked for the family


*Smoked Turkey last Thanksgiving.

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Oh yeah you'll fit in here. Welcome!

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Hello and welcome from East Texas, nice looking smokes, love the color on the bird


Gary S

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