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Maverick Question

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I have a Maverick ET 732. The meat probe has a 90 degree bend in it. Has anyone ever tried to straighten this out. I want to put a pass through in the side of my fridge build but there is no way to get it through like that.

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Put a heat resistant, silicon type grommet in & ya should be fine ! Just my 2 cents !
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I want to keep the hole as small as possible and I have 4 inches of cavity to go through. The bend in the probe wont make it through.

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Maverick does have straight probes as they sent me 2of them as replacements.

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you can buy the new style hybrid probes.. they are straight and can be used for both the meat and chamber temps...
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Great call. I see they are available on ebay. Thanks guys

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I got my hybrid probe for my Maverick and now both probes will fit nicely through a small copper tube. 


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