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Today's Smoked Salmon

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Been so busy doing Salmon Jerky & Salmon Nuggets recently, I kind of forgotten how to do some good ole Smoked Salmon Filets. So thought today would be perfect to go back to the basics. Here's 12 pieces in the brine:

Drying on the racks:

In the Big Chief

Cooling on the racks

In da tub for the night. Tomorrow they will be vacuum sealed
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Looks superb! May I ask which brine you used?  Thumbs Up 42.gif

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  Great color. Those look awesome!



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Looks fantastic Craig! The salmon fishing has been great off the Oregon coast the past couple weeks. Hoping I can get over and catch a few while the season is still open!
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Originally Posted by chestnutbloom View Post

Looks superb! May I ask which brine you used?  Thumbs Up 42.gif

I use a very basic dry brine of a 4/1 ratio of Brown Sugar/ Non Iodized salt with a bunch of fresh minced garlic. 

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wow that looks great! Is that sesame seed on the top?

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Nope, it coarse pepper.

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Looks good as usual, Craig. I finally tried your recipe today on a 6 lb rainbow trout I had in the freezer. Really came out well. Totally different taste then my usual wet brine method. I think I'll use my old brine for the pan sized fish and your recipe for the larger fish that I fillet. 

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Great color, very nice!!! Reinhard

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great job!:Looks-Great:

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Those are beautiful!  I have been using a dry brine lately as well, very similar to your's but add garlic and onion powder and a little pepper.  I tried some powdered ginger in one batch as well and it came out really good, but found out you need to go easy on the can become a very "forward" taste if you let it have it's way!



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Also had a you peel the skins off after smoking and before storing them?  I was always told that i should, but I see a lot of people don't.  I am curious if it makes a difference?

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I see no reason to skin the fish before vacuuming.

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Now that is some damned fine lookin salmon ! Yum !! Nice smoke ! icon14.gif
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