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Temperature Control Devices

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As a beginning smoker I love the end result but was a bit surprised that I had to sit next to the smoker for 6 - 10 hours monitoring the temperature.


Do the temperature Control deivces, like the Pitmaster IQ120 really work or are they junk?

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I have had the 110 model for a few years now and it works great in my homemade smokehouse.
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Can you set it up and then walk away?

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Depending on your smoker. If you have leaks all over the place or its light gauge and un-insulated then it may need some tending to. Sometimes just good mods to an existing smoker goes a long way. But most all backyard charcoal / wood smokers need some tending to. If you want set and forget then a pellet eater or an electric are what you need. I built my smokehouse knowing I was going to use the pitmaster so its very air tight. The air in is really only thru the pitmaster tube so I keep very constant temp for a long time but with long smokes you still have to re-fuel sometimes.
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I use the big weber smokey mountain smoker. Built like a tank except the door on the side. They couldn't have made it out of cheaper aluminum. Don't know why. they could have easier provided a sturdy door. But, I put fire resistant tape all around the edges. It's pretty air tight, but not perfect.

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Theres a guy I know who does competitions and he has 2 WSM's along with a couple Stumps gravity feed cookers. He mated up the Webers to the newer Pitmaster 120's. Swears by them. Those things hold temps for a good long time.
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One bag of lump charcoal will last me 10-12 hours using the Minion method. It's a great smoker, just a cheap door.


Unattended the temp will range between 200 - 300 but not higher. I want to hold it at 225 degrees for those ten hours so I can do other things.


I'm glad to hear that the IQ 100 - 120 will work with it.

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Do you know of anyone who has made an aftermarket replacement door for the WSM?


Or do you know of a method of securing that damn door?

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Cajun Bandit makes some parts for WSM. But use the search function on this forum to check for door fix or mods.
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