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Peppers stuffed with pulled pork

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I got almost 2lbs of pulled pork left over from a work function.

Always wanted to try stuffing peppers with it.

I still have a few bags of Hungarian peppers in the freezer (blanched and peeled).

I mixed the meat with red pepper paste (roasted shepperd peppers). No cheese in the mix. I will probably sprinkle some on top after the smoke.

Peppers are stuffed.

Not sure yet: wrapped in bacon or as is served with some tomatoe sauce.

Will post the q views once I get them going.
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Looks like a good start. :drool

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Hope they hold together for you after another cook & being frozen for a while. I made some tamales outta left over PP a few months back....outstanding....usually lazy, so soft tacos make the menus
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Yep...that's a concern. We stuff these all the time with other goodies and they stay nice and firm around the filling. But we are talking about 30min soft boil in liquid. I will keep an eye on them and pull them out if they start going sideways. After all they are cooked already just want the flavours to blend and some smoke infusion.
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Decided to go half-half (bacon wrapped and plain).

After some smoke...holding their own

Plain version ready to serve

Bits of bark

Sauced up

My plate

Insider pic

Conclusion: didn't care for the smoked pepper taste. However pulled pork with a hint of pepper: outstanding. Next time I will bake them in the oven. That roasted red pepper paste: very important ingredient.

Later I pulled the bacon wrapped peppers out.

Conclusion: better flavour blend. Smoke does not get to the pepper much; bacon takes most of it and you taste smoked bacon+pepper which is good (IMHO).

I skipped the cheese. Maybe next time.

I also had some BBQ chicken leftovers. Mac and cheese seemed like a good use (thank you knifebld for the fresh idea).

Thank you for checking this out.
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Look good to me. Never tried a smoked pepper
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lurk.gif did someone say Hungarian? :biggrin:


Looks good!


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Forgot the main conclusion : pulled pork goes with anything. Next challenge: pulled pork based desert. LOL
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Oh yeah, wrapped in bacon. Here are some cubanelles stuffed with smoked beef, rice, beans and onions


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