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Newbie from Tacoma WA

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Hi everybody,


I'm Kevin from Tacoma.  Last year was given a Father's Day gift for both a smoking and grilling class from a school in Seattle.  I took the info I learned from it and started running.


I built myself an UDS (ugly drum smoker) and have loved using it ever since.  As I mentioned earlier, I am fairly new to smoking.  So far I've been able to do several racks of ribs, a pork butt, a meatloaf, and some whole chickens.  My wife and 2 daughters love it when I use the smoker.  My 4 yr old was given the option for her last birthday for either ribs or pulled pork.  Her response was "RIBS!"


I look forward to learning more.  Thanks in advance for the help!



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Welcome Kevin


You'll find all kinds of information On this forum.  Any questions, just ask, and usually you'll start getting answers within a very short time. Lot's of friendly knowledgeable guys (and gals) on here.


If you're going to be hanging around for a while there is a dedicated Washington smokers group, with guys that are expiriencing the same types of weather / cooking conditions.  Check it out:

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Hey Kevin hello and welcome from East Texas, sound like you are off to a good start


Gary S

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