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Biker Rally

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So for my second smoke of the week, I will be feeding a bunch of people after a benefit Bike Ride (motorcycle) raising none for my cousins 3 year old son who had brain surgery 4 weeks ago to remove a tumor.  


Let the smoke begin.  Meat on at 1330.


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first let me say that prayers go out to all of you's ... second... this aughta be good.. they look good
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Hope he recovers quick.

Meat looks great so far
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All the best to all of you.
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Micah is doing great, he came home a week and a half ago.  He was at the benefit running and playing around.  Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.  The ride was fun, we had a decent turnout.


Sadly, I was up late working the pit and up early for the ride.  I totally spaced and forgot to get finished product Qviews, and by the time we got back from the ride, the church ladies had already tore into the meat and started serving.  I got a lot of compliments, and one couple asked me to do a whole pig for them for a wedding next fall (2015).  So I guess I'll be playing around with a couple whole hog test smokes this summer and next.  


I posted in another thread about it looking for ideas.  I'm open to suggestions on that one.

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