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Hello from a new retiree from Canada

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I'm Tim from Calgary AB Canada... I'm a newbie at a couple of things... Smoking and being retired... Today is day one of my retirement from railroading :yahoo:


I've been a griller for years but this smokin thing is new to me and am looking forward to learning about the art from this forum..


I have a Master Forge vertical propane smoker I bought at Lowes and already installed the rope gasket around the doors... but... the adheasive sucks at sticking to the paint. What's a better adheasive that I can use instead?


And I expected the door thermometer to be out and sure enough... it's out by 40* so happy Fathers day to me a Maverick ET732 is ready to go....

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Congrats on the retirement and welcome to the forum!


You picked a great hobby and I know you will find the forum an incredible asset for it.


Good luck and I look forward to your smoking posts. :)

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Welcome from East Texas, congrats on the new smoker. 3M makes a spray adhesive that has worked for me in the past, Hi temp   Just be careful when you spray it , mask and cover what you don't want over spray to get on.

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Thanks for the replys... I'll look into the 3M adhesive.

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