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New member from Georgia

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Been following the forum since early April of this year, what I have already learned is great, the people here are awesome. I am from NW Georgia and I am a beginner at smoking, Ive got a char-broil charcoal vertical smoker from Walmart, one of the $74 smokers lol. Have modified the charcoal pan and use sand in my water tray to improve temps. So far I`ve only done 3 smokes, looking forward to learning all I can.

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Welcome to the addiction, Mike!  Just remember: it ain't the cost of the smoker, but the talent of the cook that counts!!!

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Welcome to the forum,lots of good info and people here. I'm just down the road in Austell.

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Welcome aboard! I spend a good amount of time at the opposite corner of your state and hope to make it permanent one day. Love to hear more about your successes and failures with your smoker. The mods you've done sound pretty sensible and to the point.  It's been my experience that airflow to the charcoal pan with these less expensive smokers is about the most valuable improvement you can make. A close second is temperature moderation, which the sand in your pan should help a great deal.

Remember, folks here love their Q-view (pictures) and to hear how you did what you did, so don't be shy about sharing methods and recipes.

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Hello and Welcome! You will learn A LOT about Smoking Meat here. I started out with the cheapest smoker Walmart had when I was in college at Georgia Southern. I used to cook some amazing meat out of that little smoker...

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Hey Mike, hello and welcome to the Forum


Gary S

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Welcome, glad ya joined us !
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