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Newbie from Wisconsin

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Hello all,


Really been learning a lot reading the forums the last few days.  I am new to smoking but have been called a master grill chef by my guests.


Just bought a Masterbuilt 30" Gas Smokehouse.  Started my Pork Butt this 6:30 this morning @ 250.  Been going all day and currently (17:30) it is foiled and running about 185 internal.  Can't wait to see how the smoke flavor is.  I am a bit concerned because I used apple and hickory chips in an 8" cast Iron skillet and did not see much smoke coming out of the box.  The chips did get consumed and I used about 6 cups or so so I know they did something.


Looking forward to continuing to  learn this craft with the help of the forums.  Great stuff so far..


I do have a Maverick 733 ordered so that will help having a box and meat temp.  I am also planning on installing a needle valve or adjustable regulator since the lowest I can get the box is 250 with the vent all the way open (ambient temp 75 and breezy)



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Welcome Jason, glad ya joined us ! Be sure to show some Q view of that pork butt ! icon14.gif
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Hello and welcome Jason, how did the pork butt turn out ?


Gary S

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Welcome from Fond du Lac. I wouldn't worry about not seeing smoke, if you can smell it that is all that matters. Be sure to post pictures when its done.

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It turned out pretty good for my first smoke.  Improvements can be made but it had a nice light smoke flavor and was very juicy.  That was the goal.




Thanks to reading many helpful posts in this forum I continue to learn and will be practicing the art.  I know with each smoke I will learn more and results will improve.


I did make bacon wrapped boneless skinless chicken breasts today and they turned out OUTSTANDING.  Just the right amount of smoke and incredibly moist.  Family loved them.  Dug in before I could grab some pictures though.

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