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Doing two BIG shoulders tomorrow

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Hey all, going to be smoking a couple 18 pound full shoulders tomorrow. A few questions, first do I need to do these any different than I would a butt? Do I need to do any special prepping? Also what would be a good time estimate to look for, and should I aim for a higher put temp? Thanks in advance, I'll post qview as usual.
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I've done 19 lbs of shoulder in my 22.5" WSM.  You're doing 36lbs in an 18.5" WSM.  That much meat in a WSM acts like a 36 lb heat sink, absorbing a lot of the available heat energy.  Don't be surprised if you find yourself adding more fuel and wood chunks, plus running the vents open a little more to keep the chamber temp up.


Chamber temp?  Depends on how much time you want to invest in the smoke.  I smoked the 19 lbs hot and fast 275-290F with lump and was done in 9 hours (5h15m to stall, then 3h45m wrapped until 205F IT).  While wrapping the shoulders the chamber temp actually shot up to 365F, which was kind of my plan because I wanted them done quickly.  After I loaded the meat back in the smoker the chamber temp dropped down to 315F and eventually all the way to 255F by the time they were done at 3:15AM.  Once I wrapped them I just let the WSM coast while catching Z's.  I dry smoked them too so all the heat went into the meat, not the water.


I let the meat rest covered until 6 AM the next morning when I pulled it apart.

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