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So I got the fire box door and hinges mounted, I also took apart an old bank teller safe door for the latch assembly.

I added some angle inside the firebox to make the spots where the latch catches thicker since the safe door was 1/2" and my firebox is only 1/4".

I also too the orange handle off and I'm working on designing a different handle because this one was way to short. If the firebox is hot I can promise you'd burn yourself with this handle.
Anybody have some ideas on handle design?
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I like the latching mechanism.... can you drill and tap an extension, of sorts, onto the existing handle....
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I was walking around lowes and saw this and was thinking the design could be very similar to this.

The orange handle is simply pressed onto the threaded insert. I've got some 5/8" id pipe that with a little heat the insert will press right onto.
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I'm just thinking the 2 pieces of pipe without the base collar, but I'd love to see a few suggestions if anyone has some pics.
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Just finished my new firebox handle.
Here is the closed position.

And 1/4 clockwise turn opens the latch.
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Finally got the exhaust stack welded on today.

Tomorrow I'll try to finish the inside of the CC. I still need to put in the rest of the RF plate and the cooking grate rails, and make the grates.
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Is finally coming together nicely. Should be testing it just in time for the 4th.

All that's left now is the CC door assist, intake vent slides and a paint job
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Looks great! I'm sure you will be ready for the weekend. How many racks of ribs do you plan to cook?

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Not sure probably gonna do a combination of Butts and Ribs. I have found that having the 3rd removable shelf in between the top and bottom really let's you take advantage of the space.
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I was wondering, I scored a LOX tank with similar proportions to yours and the racks look like you have lots of options on how to layout your cook. I really like the three rack setup you have going there.

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There is 3" between each shelf, removing the middle gives 7" clearance on top and bottom for any large cuts.
I'm estimating I can cook up to 9 racks of St. Louis Spare Ribs or 8 Butts or 6 racks and 4 Butts.
The size of each shelf gives me 684"sq bottom, 660"sq middle, 564"sq top.
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Do you have any pics of the finished product? I would very much like to see how it turned out. I am building one almost exactly the same (except trailer-mounted).

Also, just curious, why not a trough/drain in the RF plate, and why no ash pan? I'm debating both now...

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Well we Finley got her done about a 2 months ago.
I'll download some pictures of the finished product. in a few days.
Thanks for reading..
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