120 Gal RF Smoker - In a Week?

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by jwsimpleville, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. Well the title says it all. I've aquire 2 of these 120 Gal vertical propane tanks and decided to see if I can build one in a week.
    Anyone game for another fast paced build thread?
    I took the whole week off work so I technically am giving myself 9 days to have this thing built and I am going to put a check in the WIN column.
    If all else fails maybe I'll take 1 extra vacation day but that's thinking negativley already.
    In all fairness I started this on Monday so I will catch everyone up on the progress made so far.
    This is the one I decided to use. I wanted to use it so it wouldn't sit out and continue to pit with rust.
  2. lendecatural

    lendecatural Smoking Fanatic

    I'm betting on the check in the win  column after that last one week build and the extra experience you gained during that one! Looking forward to seeing it!
  3. I appreciate the great feedback and purely do this for the challenge. I am building this only to post an AD in Craigslist in the Barter section. I wanna see what I can trade it for.
  4. dandl93

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    Will be fun to watch hope you have some time to post pics during the build hahahaha

  5. Here is the tank before I started,
  6. Here I've built the firebox and cutting the door out.

    I've trimmed out the door.
  7. Today was day 3 and seemed to make the most progress.
    Here I dry fitted the CC to the firebox.

    I've layed out the CC door
  8. daveomak

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    JW, morning.... Blind welds on the door flange sure look nice.... I really like that particular style tank for a smoker.... Looking good now....

  9. Looking good, as Dave said that type of tank really makes a nice smoker, keep those pictures coming 

    Gary S
  10. Trimmed out the CC Door and sand blasted half of the CC tank. I also got the entire Firebox corners ground smooth. Should be able to get a few pictures when I start tomorrow morning.
  11. I absolutely hate spending an entire day grinding and doing a crap ton of little things, it feels like you're not making any progress. :-(
  12. lendecatural

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    Functional is pretty quick, pretty takes time......

    Your smokers always show a high degree of attention to the details, great skills. BTW, I bought some of those 89 degree corner clamps....[​IMG]
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  13. Thanks for the feedback, I think most people call that attention to detail OCD.
    Here are a few pictures that I took today. I got the majority of the CC sandblasted clean. I didn't worry about the party's that are pretty easy after full assembly.

    Then I finished cleaning up the intake openings on the firebox.
  14. Then as it would only make sense to happen Iran out of welding wire while I was joining the CC to the firebox.
    I finished the top joint, in this picture you can see the CC door that I did a quick dry fit with
    Then while welding the underside everything abruptly stopped.
    So I lost about 3 hours that could have been spent doing alot of welding. I got another roll and should be able to get back to it in the morning.
  15. Here's another few shots
  16. Man, looking better and better all the time

    Gary S
  17. It looks very nice!  I would like to find a few tanks like that.
  18. Got a little more done today, here are a few more pictures.
    Got 2/3 of the reverse flow plate sized and talked in place.

    Here I sketched the outline of the CC door handles, then cut them out with the plasma cutter staying just outside the lines.
    Then I tacked the 2 pieces together to grind them into matching pieces.
  19. So clearly I didn't make the 1 week goal but I Wil get this thing done in the coming weeks. Hopefully I'll be using it by July 4th.
    Here is an update, I got the cook chamber door mounted with the hinges and just finished the handle for it today.
    I should get some more done this weekend and I'll post some more pics as I go along.
  20. daveomak

    daveomak Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    The door looks really good.... Fits tight...... nice handle...... Thumbs Up

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