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Congrats on that new MES40, Luis!  There's a lot of great smoky food in store for you and your Mrs...and you'll be glad you bit the bullet and bought the bigger one.


Looking forward to seeing some of your qview!  Thumbs Up



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get smoking she will love it and good luck with your residency ..... thank you for your  Army medical  service.!... 

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Originally Posted by Luis Missura View Post

Bear, no. I got the 20070311
40" all stainless steel, window. Gen1.


20070311 ???????????????


Boy are you ever Ready!!!:yahoo:

That's my Smoker---Exactly!!!Thumbs UpThumbs Up


The only trouble I had with mine was figuring out where to put it-------The following link will show you how that ordeal went: :biggrin:



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Hey Bear I love that story and pictures, are you sure your not really a stand up comedian ? I know I've said this before but you really have a nice place.


Gary S

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That 0311 is a great cooker.  1200 watt element, wheels, access door to the element, stainless with window, remote control.  It was actually one of the finer models before they switched to the gen 2.  Nice find.

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Yeah! I'm excited. Got it for 366 after tax on amazon. It should be here Wednesday!
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Just put it together and am seasoning it now! Can't wait for my first smoke this weekend
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Welcome, glad ya joined us, Thank You for your Service & congrats on the new toy !
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Welcome to the forum Luis, and thank you for your service!!


You got that thing just in time for some weekend ribs....or pulled pork......or brisket.....or chicken....or  aaahhhhhhhhh too many things to cook.


Enjoy it, and keep the camera handy for some q-view!!

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