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How long to smoke before finishing butt in oven?

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I planned a nice all day smoke on Saturday. Welp, plans have changed. My smoker is on the IR after realizing I needed a new gas line, and then the bottom is rusted out. So it's time to get a new one! Anyway, I'm still smoking this weekend, just gonna scale back the volume a little.


I'm gonna have to do this on my grill, but no fear, just got my new AMNPS in (thanks Todd!) and will use that for smoke with indirect heat in the grill. Now, the issue is, due to space, I won't be able to have my ribs on at the same time as my butt. I'm doing a small butt. So my plan is to start the butt in the grill, give it a couple hours of smoke then finish it in the oven. That way I can free up all my space for ribs or anything else I want with the space available.


I've done butts from start to finish in the oven before in a pinch. All I want to know is how many hours of smoke should I give the butt on the grill before I move it to the oven? I'm doing a smaller butt, not the 8 pounders in the double cryo packs. I'm thinking 3-5 hours? If it was an 8 pounder I would definitely do 5 hours. But I'm thinking I can get away with a little less since it'll be smaller. Thoughts? Thanks gents.

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When I smoke butts they get smoke the entire time it takes them to hit 205 IT. So I would say determine when you need your ribs to go on and move the butt into the oven then.
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I'm doing 2 butts right now....approx.  6hrs of smoke/heat and should be around 160.IT. pan it and move to the oven and finish at 205 IT at 175 oven. Will get a nice bark. Keep the juices in the pan and add it to the pulled meat... here are ones I did a few weeks ago.... They were awesome



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