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Welcome aboard brother.
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Welcome to the forum!

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Hey new member from Brooklyn. Anyone else smokin in the City? I am looking for a place to buy BBQ supplies (wood chips, etc.) 

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Hello Johnny and welcome to the site from the Finger Lakes region.  I was born in Queens a long time ago but can't help with NYC area supplies as I now get my wood from the woodpile we heat the house with.....




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Hi Johnny, welcome! I'm in the lower Hudson Valley area and we do not really have a supply store here. You say you are looking maybe for some wood chips etc. One suggestion I can make in regards to wood is maybe check with some custom cabinet/woodworking shops in Brooklyn. I actually work full time for a custom cabinet shop and I get the majority of my wood for smoking from our scraps. Typically I take pieces of solid cherry, maple, white oak & alder. The nice things are the pieces are bark free, bug free and dry. I also control the wood size by how I cut the scraps. I know you said wood "chips", and these would be more like chunks, but I just wanted to mention this possibly free option. There are a lot of wood shops in your area - I'm sure they have some scraps you could take. One thing to note however: be careful of exotic woods, they can make you sick when burned if you inhale the smoke.

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Welcome Johnny. What are you smokimg on?
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I have a new 30 inch masterbuilt electric smoker. 

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Thanks for the info, I do have a buddy who works at a furniture shop in DUMBO and he says they have lots of white oak. 

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Hi. New guy here. Just getting into it.  So, I will be coping the mail.  From Preston NY. Geo.

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