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Doing a little rib combo tomorrow, some St. Louis style and some CSRs. Got them all rubbed up and resting in the fridge.
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I have two threads going right now. While these beauties are resting on the counter to get closer to room temp, my first fatty is in the smoker (what appears to be a complete and utter failure)
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Ribs should be good. CSR's are some of our favorites to smoke.
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And a detraction/correction, I do believe they are spare ribs not St. Louis style. Was reading on here too much, and got my words jumbled
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Looking good, keep posting the qview, I'm watching!





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Lookin great, makin me wish I'd pulled some ribs outta the freezer ! icon14.gif
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Ribs are foiled with some butter, apple juice, sprinkle of brown sugar, and some Sister Byrds homemade pepper jelly.
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Sounds good ! icon14.gif
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The results are in:

They cooked a little faster than I anticipated. They were DONE when I pulled them from the foil. I tried to do the 'bend' test and the broke apart. The country sale ribs were a little dry in spots. Overall, it was still very good. Definitely not competition worthy, but very edible.
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Nice job!!
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Tasty looking meal, sir!

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Thank you, still tweaking the bean recipe, they are good, just need to be better.
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