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The ANTivenom!

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So we've been dealing with an any problem for years. Since we don't use herbicides or pesticides, we look for more natural ways to get rid of things. Our most recent ant solution has been working extremely well.

1/3 cup vinegar
2/3 cups water
And if you like 4 tablespoons Doc Bronners peppermint soap ( not needed but from what we've learned most bugs don't like the smell).

Spray all around and intensely at the source, ant hills. We've pretty much eradicated our ant problem. Some areas have taken a couple applications.

If this mixture is too toxic for you, pouring boiling hot water daily on the ant hills work too.

With the vinegar solution avoid spraying your plants or you'll dry them out or kill them. Here's a hop plant we accidentally hit.

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Be careful around those hops Case - you'll need them!  cheers.gif

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I'd need a couple thousand acres of them! Living here in the Mecca of brew it's not to hard to find a good pint! In fact it's almost hard to not find one!
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