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Hello from southern Indiana

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Hello all...Roll Call from Southern Indiana.

Been smoking on and off for 20 years on a small Oklahoma Joe.

Decided to get back into the "Q" world and bought myself a custom trailer mount reverse flow smoker and charcoal grill.

Looking forward to learning and speaking with you all.

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Welcome to the board, from central Ohio! Now go down to Madison and have a glass of Gayle's cider from the Thomas winery - and check out Ribberfest for some serious smoking rigs.

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Thanks BlueWhisper

I've never been to Ribberfest....Planning to visit this year for sure.

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I used to visit Madison for a hot pepper festival at the winery every April, a bit too early for the redbuds and bluebells. I only hit Ribberfest once and it was nice to see the place with leaves on the trees.


And that was always an excuse to take Rt. 62, the Chief White Eyes Trail.

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Welcome, glad ya joined us !
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Hello and welcome from East Texas, that's a nice looking rig you have there, I know you are proud.


Gary S

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