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Memorial Day Smoke

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I've mentioned before I like to cook for my crews. Yesterday, they were out working and I had a large smoke for them as a way to say thanks. Pictured from the left: a HUGE pork loin, pork center cut ribs, and a beef round eye. On top of the smoke I also did a crawfish boil with red potatoes and corn on the cob......none of these dang yankees had ever had it....once I held training on how to pinch tails and get the good stuff out they ate the heck out of them.








 I pulled the eye out at 130...let it rest for about an hour or so....then thin sliced it....DANG..that turned out awesome!!

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Awesome looking smoke and awesome treat for your crews!
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Looks great...nicely done!  Thumbs Up



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Thanks all. It was a good day.

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Great looking grub man! Nice smoke & boil!  thumb1.gif

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