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48" homemade grill

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Well I've gone and done it now. I saw this on the FB page Sierra Vista Sells and figured I'd take a look. Once I saw it, I realized it's a 48" X 24" pipe that was cut in half. The back piece is a wind break or something and it was set up as a rotisserie but has no motor. No big deal. Anyone have any suggestions on how to make a lid for this thing? I would like to turn it into a smoker or a Santa Maria type grill. Oh yeah, paid $30 for it.




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$30 Wow - great find! If you had access to another piece of 24" pipe that would probably be your fastest/easiest route but others may have a better idea...

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I was thinking the same thing about the pipe.

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Good for you SG....$30. Very nice.... Be interested to see what ya end up doin with it !
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I wonder if a 55 gal barrel cut in half would work as a lid.
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Does anyone think that making this into a RF smoker would be feasible? I talked to a local metal shop and they don't know where to get pipe that size so he suggested making a square or trapezoidal lid from steel plate. Have them bend it to shape and then I can cut and weld the end caps. Thoughts?

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As a long past ex military man, what kind of pull do you have down at the motor pool. Those guys have all the tools and probably some scrap. Just a thought.  I mean I used to raid the tender's level one bar stock all the time to take to sea and play with on the lathe. LOL  Marines must have tools to work on all those heavy vehicles.


Every blow torch has a junk pile somewhere.


Just a thought Gunny.


Maybe a nice tank turret on top to power the rotisserie? How's Kevlar hold up to heat for insulation? LOL...

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I'm at a schoolhouse. On an Army base. We don't have our own motor pool or tools or any of that stuff.
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I bought a 55 gal barrel and cut it in half to make a lid. It will be attached using barrel hinges so I can remove it if needed. I'll cut the other half down in order to make up the difference since the barrel isn't long enough to cover the entire surface.

I'm also going to weld angle iron to the bottom of the lid to help seal it and provide some rigidity. Didn't count on the barrel being so flimsy once I cut it.

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Question: For the exhaust pipe, will stove pipe suffice or does it need to be thicker?
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