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"Jeffs Rub"

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I visit the forum daily and have a lot of talk about Jeffs Rub. Can someone fill me in on this? Is it homemade or store bought. Would like to give it a try someday.
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There are actually two recipes that you get for one price one is hid rub the other is his sauce. Both are very good and well worth the investment. Some people use the recipes for a base then customize them to their taste. Personally I find both recipes excellent just the way they are.


Here's the link

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Yup well worth the money.  I use the rub alot just the way it is.

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Great recipes! I use both all the time.

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Totally agree with Pineywoods, c farmer & Seen Red..... icon14.gif
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Is the recipe for the rub and sauce in his book?
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Originally Posted by Smoking Chief View Post

Is the recipe for the rub and sauce in his book?

No !
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Well worth the price. Great flavor
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I just purchased this rub is it recommended for poultry?
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It is good on pretty much everything including poultry

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I use it on everything I make. Very, very good recipes.
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I've been using Jeff's Rub for over 2 years. I use it on everything I smoke and grill (same goes for his sauce). Both will be hard to beat.

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