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Need some input on quickies

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Having a big smoke out this weekend and main course is reverse sear rib eyes  . I'm wanting to smoke something in the line of bacon wrapped jalapeno for appetizers. I don't want anything that's going to take more than two hours. chime in guys lets see what you got. please give temp and time.:popcorn . On a side note on july 4th weekend I will be doing a whole hog with  video and Q-views.

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Here is a ton of info on ABT's (Atomic Buffalo Turds) or stuffed bacon wrapped jalpenos. I like ex-sharp cheddar but any cheese works and if you feel like fancy, crab cake mix is awesome. Pork Shots, bacon wrapped sliced cooked sausage (kielbasa) filled with rub and brown sugar are good and so are Moink's,, meatballs, balls of sausage or chunks of chicken wrapped in bacon and smoked. Search each of these for ideas. This is some of mine...  They smoke 2-3 hours at 225-250°F. SQWIB makes some of the best and fanciest... Have fun...JJ

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I like to mix up boudain sausage with cream cheese and stuff in halved jalapenos, then wrap in bacon and coat in Jeff's rub. Then about 45 minutes at 250 and they are ready. If you want them really hot, pull out the seeds when you half the pepper, then process the seeds and the white pulp in a food processor and mix it with the boudain sausage,
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Here's a link to the ABTs I just made. They were a hit. Dipped the bacon in brown sugar and wrapped the pepper. 225 degrees for 1 hour 45 min.
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thanks for the replies

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And don't for get the Smoked Deviled Eggs. Boil to doneness , peel and the Smoker. A great treat that takes little time and a good conversation tidbit.


Have fun and . . .

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Ohhhh, about what temp do you smoke those eggs ? Do you put in a pan or directly on grates? Any oil or seasoning?
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Buffalo chicken stuffed sweet peppers are a good app that are not too spicy for the non pepper heads. Here's a link to some I smoked as a trial before a party I had.
The day of they were all devoured within minutes which is always a good sign.
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Easiest way for Eggs is the "Hard Boiled " way , peel  them and smoke at the temp. you are cooking your Entrée. If you like heavy Smoke flavor , make the filling before Smoking ; otherwise cut in half and on for 30min.then prepare them. You'll love these and your guest will ask you how...just say it's a talent.:rotflmao:.


Have fun and . . .

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