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Hi. Dave. I think we all have had the experience of meeting people that if they had access to any kind of machine it would be the equivalent of giving a monkey a hand grenade !!!!  Ernie


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I must be a monkey with a hand grenade !!!! :banana_smiley:..... I stripped the nylon gears out of a 5 lb sausage maker stuffer while stuffing snack sticks several years ago .... I had not learned about adding extra water to the meat at that time ...... BUT .... I still hate stuffing snack sticks ...LOL....:drool:

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I have had my vertical stuffer for 8 years or so and still in good shape.  I make sticks without the casings and is a lot less work [nothing wrong with casings for sticks, just my thing].  I paid under a 100 bucks at the time.  Reinhard

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Well I had to travel out of town Friday, so my Pepperettes stayed in the fridge.  Then today, it being Saturday, I put them in my Dehydrator.  They were put in at about 9:30 AM.  I will run the dehydrator until The NASCAR race and the show on Fox is done afterwards, then I will check them, If not done, I will place the whole racks of them in the fridge overnight and go at again Sunday.


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