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Barbecue Basket

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Hello all.


Many of you know I have been involved with Scouting for some time now.

Our annual Golf Outing is in a few weeks and the wifey and myself decided to do a Barbecue Basket.

This outing benefits the troop by helping the kids afford summer camp, just to give an idea, Summer Camp is about $380.00 per kid and that does not include transportation, another $190.00 if the parent stays.


I usually don't get into asking folks for donations, yep I'm the guy that buys all my kids sale items instead of asking others to purchase. I end up with all kindsa of pizza's, chocolates, magazines, you get the picture


I have ordered some stuff for the basket but wanted to reach out to my fellow chefs for ideas.


If you make/sell a product that you would like to have in the basket, PM me, All I ask is for a discounted price so I can load this basket up, yep I gotta have the biggest basket.


Thanks in advance


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Hello Sqwib.  I would love to help but I think by the time my meat gets to you it may be too late.  Noble cause and I am sure the members will help you out with this.


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Sent you a PM. Just talked to my brother and he's happy to send a gift box. Let me know where to send it ASAP and we'll get it on its way.

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I appreciate everyones help,


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