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Dumb question on mes 30

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I have what I know to be a really dumb question I have a mes 30 smoker, just got it seasoned in this morning. Here is the question I have access to all different flavors of wood pellets can you use pellets in this smoker or does it have to be chips? Sorry for the dumb question on my first day in the forum.
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Chips. If you use pellets you can cause fire, and as stupid as it sounds, fire is not good in an electric smoker.


If you want to use pellets and may of us do, I highly recommend you but the pellet holder as in an aux. smoked generator. One of the site sponsors and an real nice guy Todd, sells a very inexpensive one that is widely used in the MES30's.

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j dont own a mes but my electric smoker works better with pellets and i just use the chip pan.   chips dont work in mine at all.

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