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First time smoke pork - Q view

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Well for my second smoke session ever, I tried pork spare ribs and beef back ribs. I think it went well, was tasty. I think they could of been on therr another 10-15mins. I just recently got a Brinkman gourmet electric smoker. It hovers at 200 degrees and wont really go any higher...even on a 75ish degree day like today. I used the same rub on both set and did a pretty shotty job doing a st louis cut, but it worked. Used 3-2-1 but only did 25 mins of the last session. Used apple juice when I wrapped. The rub was basically brown sugar and the usual stuff (salt, peppper, onion and garlic powder, chili powder. I did use the water bowl with onions cut up in it and used a mix of hickory and apple chips. The spare ribs were kinda fatty. Here are some pics!

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Well, it looks like everything turned out okay!  How long did you have to leave everything on there at 200*?


Also, the thermos that come with the smokers are notorious for being inaccurate.  You may want to get a digital to check your pit temps.


Good luck,



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Wrap, 2 more hrs
Umwrap, 25 mins

Coukd have stayed on a few more mins.

The smoker didn't come with a gauge, I bought one, drilled hole in the cover and installed it. It was pretty accurate when I tested it inside before I installed it , but maybe I should have places it between the two grates in the body.
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