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Faux Burnt-Ends

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Been way too long since I've posted on here...

So, my parents, from Minnesota, were in town last week and made a dish called "Chizlet"! I may have mispronounced or misspelled, but I'll explain. Chizlet is is sirloin steak cubed, seasoned and grilled. Very tasty. (you can google the recipe?

Anyway, got me to thinking...the admiral and I like burnt-ends (see where this is going?); however, we almost always get some stomach issues when we eat today I took a 3lb top round roast, cubed ~3/4" x ~3/4", put my brisket rub on it and let them smoke in an aluminum pan for about 2-2.5 hours @ 250˚. Once looking brown, I pulled all the cubes out and placed in another new aluminum pan (one cold just drain too?)...added some of my maple BBQ sauce and placed back in smoker for another 4-6 hours.

End result: Makes very tender and succulent meat candy...not quite burnt ends, but a close 1/2 the time.

This is what's left!

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Great idea!  Thanks for sharing!

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Very nice and I bet tasty too !! icon14.gif
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Those look great

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Hey the name btw. I'm from Broomfield and our family loves camping as well.


I'm from the midwest too and what you're referring to in "Chislic". And normally it's lamb or mutton, but some people prefer beef. I'm not sure what the cut is, but normally it's nominally seasoned with S&P and deep fried. Absolute delicious bar food!


This is the exact quote from my Mom in South Dakota: "Mutton is an old sheep...we just had lamb chislic last night.... the cut? We had the whole sheep cut into chunks and then we deep fry it. Yum! Sprinkle with garlic salt and eat with soda crackers... followed by BEER!"





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Picked up a chuckie for this weekend to cut up and make faux burnt ends.  Looking forward to the results!

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Great Idea!!! Thanks, I'll try.

Where's your favorite place to camp in C Springs/the Front Range? I lived there for about 5 years and want to move back.


Hampton, VA 

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goingcamping, they turned out great!  I used a little too much rub but will have it nailed next time.  Thanks again for sharing the idea.


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