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Three Sunday Tri Tips

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Smoked three tri tips today and I must say they came out great....


Used yellow mustard and Henry's Mohave Garlic Pepper rub.  Smoked at 225-240 to 140 degrees using red oak for smoke.

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Looks mighty good man!  :drool  I am determined that one of these days I will get to taste a tri tip  :icon_sad:  Nice smoke  thumb1.gif

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Thanks SB....out here in California we call tri tips "poor man's prime rib".  It is definitely tender and tasty, especially when smoked slow and low.  The only reason I bumped up to 240 degrees for the last half hour was because everyone was salivating around the smoker.

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Looks tasty! Waiting for them to start going on sale again up here so I can stock up!

I do have to say you can get nice tender, juicy, tasty tri tips going the hot and fast method too! I almost always smoke mine at temps around 285-300 now.
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What a feast!!! Happy April! That must have been fun!!!! Cheers! - Leah

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Looks mighty tasty, thanks for the q-view.....



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How long do you smoke it? I've cooked tri tip steaks but never a whole one.

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@Smokin' Gunny - Smoked them about 2-2 1/2 hours.  All three were around 4 lbs. each.  Pulled them when they hit 140 degrees.  Smoker was steady at 225 'till the last 20-30 minutes and bumped them up to 240 to hurry them up a bit (the crowd was beginning to get restless).  My experience is they come out a lot more tender and juicy at 225 than the 285-300 that dirtsailor cooks them at.  Plus the longer you leave them in the smoke, the more smoke ring you end up with.  Also, I purchased them at our local butcher as opposed to getting them at Costco.  Same price per pound...only difference was I had to trim off the small fat cap they had on them (and they weren't "tenderized" like Costco does with a Jacard tenderizer).

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I like to smoke to IT 125-130 then do a finish sear on the grill. After sear IT is about 135-140 (I like more of a medium rare).

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How long do you cook at that low temp?....and is it safe from bacteria?

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Originally Posted by k2guy View Post

How long do you cook at that low temp?....and is it safe from bacteria?

Not sure who you are asking? I smoke at 225 - 250 until IT is 125 - 130 then sear only takes 2 - 3 hours total. I don't think their is any danger since it is up to temp less then 4 hours?

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Sorry...I mis-read your comments.  I thought you wrote that you smoked at those temps.  You're OK.

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Thanks for the inspiration k2guy. Never smoked a tri-tip, but yours looked so good that I went out and picked up a 3-pack of Angus choice tri's this morning from my local Cash-and-Carry for $4.34/lb. Rubbed one with mustard and beef bbq rub. Vac sealed the other 2 with Chakkas MMM sauce and froze.

Smoked with hickory and cherry pellets with a AMNPS in my GOSM at 240 for about 2 hours till it reached 140F and then seared on the gas grill. Served with caramelized fennel and chimichurri. Fantastic!



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Looks good!  You've got to try it with just salt, pepper, garlic powder and paprika.  Might try it with red oak smoke to really get that Santa Maria style smoke.  Also if you're going to sear it, try pulling from the smoker at 135, sear it and let it rest for about twenty minutes cover in foil.  Throw in some pinto beans and pico de gallo and your set!

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TT's are ssooo good !! Nice smoke there ! icon14.gif
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I really shouldn't be on this site so close to lunch time.  :drool:

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Looks good! I've got 2 tri tips going in the smoker for dinner tonight. I usually do S&P for a "rub" or I use a java rub. The last few times, the java rub was our favorite so I'm going to do both with the java rub. Can't go wrong with tri tips. Super easy, hardly any prep work, they cook fast, and they make great leftovers.

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I like Montreal steak season!
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