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Digital thermometer

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I'm looking to get my first digital thermometer and was think of getting ether thecmaverick 733 or the igrill2 when it comes out .should I wait for the igrill2 or just get the mave ?
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Never had an iGrill, but I get good use out of my 4+ year old ET-73, and my 3+ year old ET-732. Haven't needed a 733 yet.




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I'm a big fan of the Maverick.  I'd go with that one.

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Ditto on the Maverick.

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This is one of those things where opinions seem to vary.  Like Bear, I have 2 Mavericks: an ET-73 and an ET-732...used them for years and they always work like a champ.  I have heard and read others complain about problems with the probes or with range and signal loss.  I have personally never had a single problem with mine, and would happily recommend them to others.



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Thanks for the feed back I think I'm going to try the 733 for 70 dollars can't go wrong .Do u guys know if the new mav still comes with the Hybrid Probes ?
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We're can I order the new 733 mav from ?
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I've got the 733, worked great for me & versatile for me.
I got mine through amazon.
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