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Thanks for joining!

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Thanks to everyone so far that has joined the Wisconsin Members Group.  If any of you have friends, family or anybody you know please invite them to our group.  Also let's start seeing some qview.


Thanks and happy smoking



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There is a lot more than 8 members in Wisconsin. More will join if spring ever rears its head.

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That's true.  I just hope my wife doesn't get sick of me doing all the cooking

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Hello all,

Nice to see a group for Wisconsin smokers!
Little bit about me:
Southeast wisconsin
Brinkmann trailmaster le offset
Smokin for about 5 years

Still kinda new to the game, but am willing to share and learn from everyone,

Good smokin!
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Thanks for joining. I started this group just for the reason of getting other Wisconsin smokers involved in different techniques. I just started smoking this past winter and just started some Cornish game hens
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Nice night for it, I'm hoping to do a couple racks of ribs and some chicken this weekend!
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Hey guys, beginner smoker here. I live in Appleton and have been smoking on my WSM for just a few months now. Can't get enough of it. Glad to see some fellow cheeseheads on here!
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Hello my fellow Wisconsinites. Looking forward to learning a ton from this site.


Hey Dillenburger I have a son and daughter in law that live in Appleton.

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