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Smoked Meatloaf in the UDS!

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Read about it, wondered about it, thought it might be good. Man did I underestimate that! It is spectacular. Mixed the following pretty standard meatloaf recipe:


3lbs of 80-20 Hamburger

cup and a half of bread crumbs

two eggs

table spoon of salt

table spoon of pepper

one green pepper diced

one white onion diced

3/4 can of diced tomato with basil and garlic

mix all that completely



Put half of it down and then packed that with white cheddar cheese. Covered it with the other half. 


Put a pan with one inch of water, beer, and vinegar on the first level of my smoker and laid the meatloaf over it on the second. Draped the entire meatloaf in bacon, double layered. 


Smoker was at 250 and stayed there the entire cook. Smoked it over charcoal and some apple wood for exactly four hours. At the 3 1/2 hours mark I slathered it with chipolte, bbq, and vinegar (premixed by me) and let that carmelize on top of it for 30 minutes. Took it off in a pan, let it sit covered for 45 minutes, uncovered it and watched it disappear. Man that is the way to make meatloaf. Can't go wrong.


The Start

2 Hours

3 1/2 Hours


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YUM!!! Looks frickin Awesome!! :drool:

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That is a good way to describe it. I was skeptical until I put it in my mouth and then it was one of those wow moments.

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Looks really good man  :drool  Any pics of how it looked on the inside by chance? 

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I assume you mean the inside of the meatloaf. 

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:yahoo:   Awesome!  Nice smoke man  :beercheer:

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