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Got an 8lb, already corned brisket to do for St. Pattys' Day.  Although this will be more Roman than Irish by the time it's done, I'm anticipating some nice pastrami at the end of the day.  Anyone have any experience with any certain wood for corned beef?  I know there's a multitude of choices and I have nearly all of them, but, I'm just curious if anyone has any favorite regarding CORNED BEEF only.  I'll add some qvue later when I get things going.  I'm using a coriander, pepper and juniper berry rub prior to the smoke.     th_wsmsmile0ly.gif





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Something mild like apple or cherry is a good choice for me, as I don't like the flavors of the pastrami to be masked by a heavy smoke flavor. Also, don't forget to soak that brisket, cahnging the water every couple hours. It'll be pretty salty otherwise.

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Thanks the fridge as we speak soaking.  Put it in at noon.  I've got my sous chef workin' that end.  However, she ain't too happy about being my sous chef.  I told her Gordon Ramsay doesn't have to do any prep work.  She said "if Gordon Ramsay were here, he wouldn't have to do a thing".  The Ayatollah,  "from downtown, SWISH".  Guess that's what some folks call a "come uppence".




Here's the brisket soaked, dried and rubbed, ready for a nap in the fridge prior to Monday's smoke.


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I think I'm in the middle of a teaching moment today.....My AMNPS jumped the channels due to overloading the pellets. I was surprised at the amount of heat produced when that happens. At one time over 300 degrees. AMNPS is not fun to play with when fully involved. biggrin.gif

In any event, it was a fun day with multiple temp variations. Below are some pics as to how we ended up. Well worth the wait. We used the pickling spice that came with the brisket in the cabbage and

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