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MES stand

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I just wanted to share this with everyone ..... I recently purchased a MES 30 electric sportsman smoker.....I went online to look for a stand for this smoker and noticed that they were ranging 60 bucks and above.....went to bass pro shop and looked at one and realized how small and cheap it I had a bright idea on building one on my own.....for just about the same price....even with the extras I put on this stand (wheels handles)....I got all of my materials at Lowe's.....if anyone is interested I'm in the process of gathering all my info to post on here for everyone sausage.gif
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i put a lip of 1 x 2 around mine so that stuff wont slide off so easy. then painted it with some good kitchen enamel so it is easier to keep clean. great idea isnt it ...

wheels in and out of the shop nicely..

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I am interested in the supply list and what it looks like finished.




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The stand is still the same as the list was 2...2x4 by 8...4x8 osb board...1 4x4 8 ft....used 4 2 inch coaster wheels....and brackets for the 4x4 outer legs...hope this helps
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This is what I did to fix the problem of getting it up higher and resolving the drippings issue.




Pic -1 :   My new MES 40", pre-seasoned and on it's stand.  I have a cover for it as it will probably remain outside.


Pic -2:   The stand was made of 2x10, plywood, and 1x1s used for the surrounding frame to keep the smoker in place.  Had to remove the wheels in order for the smoker to sit flush.  Still need to paint the frame and add a door to the front.


Pic -3:  After the smoker was put in place, I drilled a hole up through the bottom and into the inadequate drip pan. Inserted the plastic piece, connected to the hose and into a pickle jar.    That should take care of the things!!

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Thanks for this.  I am still looking and thinking about a build for mine.

Mainly a procrastinator...admitting what you are is half the battle.



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High, my name is Jim. 

I'm a procrastinator!


Welcome Jim!!!! LOL!!!

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That's a damn fine stand runt! But I'd be weary of leaving the mes outside all the time. Unless of course it has more coverage than just an mes cover. Those covers start to leak and also hold moisture underneath them. As I'm sure you know water and electricity....
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I would agree that is a nice looking stand Runt....the reason why I went with the style I built was for having a working area on the help prep and place to put things aside when I need them....also put wheels on it to be able to maneuver around
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Thanks folks. Everyone has a thought in mind of what they want and for there own special reasoning. I saw one on the forum from another member and thought it was a GREAT idea for what he did and I would like to build another one similar to his.  Of course it'll have to be modified to fit my needs. 

Mine was thrown together in a haste. I've added doors to the bottom to hide the jars and to clean it up a bit. I'll stain it and that'll be it till I do something else with it.


@ Hillbillyrkstr, I bought a 40" Grill cover from Lowes. It's somewhat heavy duty, but I'm sure it'll leak eventually.

If anything, it'll buy me time to think things through on how I'll house this while still leaving it on the porch and look presentable!!


Thanks Again!!


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I hope you didn't take my comment the wrong way....last thing I want to do here in this forum is to make a comment and be taking into a negative way.....been using this forum for years but recently been posting ....I'm one that observes than speaks because sometimes I'm not politically correct lol......but .couldn't agree with you more on "what they want and for there own special reasoning"....that's the reason I went the direction I went when building this stand....wanted to be quick n simple lol
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bmorris, absolutely not! 

There was nothing negative about your comments. Like you said, everyone individualizes there own set ups to suite their own needs.

It would be a boring Forum if everyone had the same thing and in the same color! LOL!!!!


Sharing ideas and thoughts......Priceless!


Have a great evening and be safe!


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Dats right ......sausage.gif
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I scored 2 stainless steel carts at a garage sale for 20 bucks
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Love those kind of deals!!!

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Great stuff.

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I did one similar to that,I cut a large hole in the center of my platform. The bottom part can use a throw away drip pan. Also able to use a computer fan to feed air.

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Darn looks like they have been discontinued.  Cost $150!


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