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Can anyone recommend a good duel probe remote thermometer. I have been through two and they don't hold up. Both sharper image and Oregon scientific .  thanks

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Maverick et-732 or et-733. Todd at amaznproducts sells them
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Maverick et 733. Got mine from firecraft for 69. The et732 was 59 cheapest i could find its the older model. I figured im at least 60$ in might as well get newer model for another ten bucks.....

Free shipping on my order
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Have a Maverick ET-732 and would not give it up, it's the best thermometer I've ever owned and trust me I've been thru more than I care to mention.
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Maverick is awesome, mines sat out on the smoker through fog, drizzle and rain and still works perfectly.
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Yep, love the Maverick 732.  Amazon sells them for as low as $45 with two shorty probes if you watch the prices. 

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I'll jump in & say that I'm another who loves the ET-732 - I would replace it in a heartbeat if anything ever happened to it...

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Maverick ET-732 for sure!

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Dude, all you had to do was ask me. You know I have all the gadgets! I really like the Maverick. Probe for heat in the Q and one for meat. I got a second neat one that I swap out the Q one for while cooking two different types of meat. There is a wireless remote that show both temps. Tell V.
to get you one for Father's Day!
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Oh yeah, get a Thermapen too. Amazing instant read thermometer.
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I use a Maverick et-732

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Is the thermo pen worth the money? I see them for sale for up to $299! Are there some out there that are cheaper?

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The thermapen is amazing.  My wife is using it all the time now too.  I asked for another one for Father's Day to keep at my lake house.  You'll never overcook anything using this.  I used it just last week when making beef jerky.  The point is so accurate it measured the thin strips of meat.  On amazon for $199.  Use the link from this site and the forum gets a small cut too.  Worth it, but expensive.  I hope they last a long time.

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