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Thanks for your response.  I am soooooooo looking forward to getting my PCC.  I ordered the insulated firebox and the stainless steel firegrate, the charcoal basket, the pneumatic tires and an additional thermometer.  Wanted the stainless steel meat racks, but had to pass on them so I could pay shipping!


Anyway, this is a gift to myself for FINALLY finishing my (long overdue) degree.  Will keep this forum updated when it arrives.  Should be some time in mid-September. 


Thanks again.



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Good choice on the pneumatic tires. I got them as we'll. This smoker is so heavy I don't know how I would move it around on the standard steel wheels.

Once again good luck and congratulations on your degree.
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Harleysmoker93 and Ambusher,

Wanted to give the both of you a bit of an update. Needless to say, you guys have put the "Tail Blaster".....(Heat On) :hit: when it comes to the PCC products. I have been on their website ever since we have spoken last and looked at everything that is posted. I have looked at the video of Bill and Mike Wozniak and the other video that Bill did as well as the power point presentation from Bill.

All I have to say is "WOW", was I blown away. I have absolutely never in all my smoker research viewed and looked at the amount of detailed information that was presented.

Clearly Bill Cusack is my kind of guy in that we both have the same approach towards things. If your are going to do something, no matter what it may be, do it extremely well, solicit thoughts, comments and suggestions from your clients and others who have a proven reputation for products and services in the industry that you are focused on. Make sure that your product does what you say it will and last but absolutely not the least, the motto of your company must be "Client Satisfaction is First and Foremost".


Client referrals are your best form of advertising for the business that you are in second to none and I get the distinct impression that Bill Cusack understands this very well.


Now, moving down the track, I called to speak with Bill at Ambusher's suggestion and unfortunately at the time he was in surgery with a patient so I spent about 20 minutes or so speaking with Mary Beth who was most cordial and a lot more knowledgeable on the PCC products than I expected. She shared a wealth of information with me and sent me the smoker pricing with available options that I was looking for. Didn't know that she is a KCBS certified judge, goes to smoking contests and has met and spoken to the "King of BBQ", Myron Mixon and several other notables in the competition world. Additionally, she said that she was almost finished with the requirements to be classified a Master Judge.


Mary Beth has me most interested in the Meat Monster with the internal  fire box on a cart not a trailer. I didn't realize that this smoker is fully insulated. Man has that got my tractor cranked as they say. Some news that you both might not be aware of and I don't want upset any apple carts but Mary Beth said that they were going to be releasing 24X48 fully insulated model in a couple of months. I was interested in the 24X48 that you guys have but now I am looking hard at the Meat Monster and the model that has the internal firebox as opposed to the external firebox.

Watching the video and power point presentation, talking with Mary Beth and then hearing what you have said Harleysmoker93 about the Guru there is NO doubt in my mind that I will be including that installed on my smoker !


Bottom line is my wife has reigned me in a bit and said that she wants to actually see the smoker live and both of us meet and speak with Bill and see his factory. She said this may have to go under the tree in December. I told her wow that will be one hell of a tree.

Works for me !! :banana_smiley:. I have also found out that there is a direct flight from St. Petersburg/Clearwater FL airport to Peoria, IL and the round trip flights are cheap.

When my personal business traveling slows down over the next couple of months I am going to strike while the iron is hot.




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Mary Beth told me the same thing about the 24x48 Meat Monster a couple weeks ago. however I couldn't get her to give me any specifics on when it would be ready for public purchase.

Sounds pretty cool with it being fully insulated and maybe more capacity than the 24x48 backyard.

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I got the same result from Mary Beth . No definite release date and no pricing information is available yet.No doubt in my mind that this will be one bad smoker.
Guessing but know if they will be trying for two different models . One with an inside firebox and the other with an external like they have done with the Meat Monster.
In either event I think it will be great smoker.
If you hear anything please let us all know and I will do the same.

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Also spoke with Sarah Beth.  She confirmed that they are developing a 24x48 MMIF and  a MMOF.  No planned release date yet and definitely no price list.  Thought about waiting, but nooooooo.

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Thanks for the update and you beat me to it. I was going to call Sarah Beth tomorrow to ask her about the 24X48 and if they were going to make a new 24X48 fully insulated version and in a MMIF and MMOF version but now I have the answer............with the exception of a release date and price. :beercheer: Sounds pretty good to me. I expect that you will really enjoy your new smoker coming soon. Please don't forget to let us all know how you are enjoying it. And some "pics"




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Wow a fully insulated backyard model! That is sweet. Too bad that wasn't available when I ordered mine. I would have had a hard time passing it up even though the price tag is probably pretty steep. Anyway thanks for the update. Keep us updated on what you decide. I would really like to hear how that new model performs.
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Hey Fellow PCC Smokers,


I should be receiving my new PCC Backyard smoker in a couple of weeks.  Am researching how to season it.  One person on the forum spelled out a three day seasoning protocol.  Others recommend spraying with Pam, burning a couple of hours and then rolling on.


Since a few of you already have the PCC, I was wondering what you recommend.  Should I spray with Pam, or paint with Lard or Crisco or get a pump sprayer and spray with veggie oil? 


Should I spray/paint the outside?  Some say yes, others say no. 


I just posted an email to SaraBeth, asking if they have a recommended protocol, but thought I would ask here too.


Thanks.  Looking forward to your replies and REALLY looking forward to gettin' my new toy.



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Originally Posted by Krisby1 View Post

Hey Fellow PCC Smokers,

I should be receiving my new PCC Backyard smoker in a couple of weeks.  Am researching how to season it.  One person on the forum spelled out a three day seasoning protocol.  Others recommend spraying with Pam, burning a couple of hours and then rolling on.

Since a few of you already have the PCC, I was wondering what you recommend.  Should I spray with Pam, or paint with Lard or Crisco or get a pump sprayer and spray with veggie oil? 

Should I spray/paint the outside?  Some say yes, others say no. 

I just posted an email to SaraBeth, asking if they have a recommended protocol, but thought I would ask here too.

Thanks.  Looking forward to your replies and REALLY looking forward to gettin' my new toy.

I am excited for you and hope that really enjoy the smoker. I am still planning on flying up to Peoria hopefully just after the Thanksgiving Holiday and visit with Bill and see the manufacturing facility and make my decision.
Keep us posted after you get it cured and start smoking some goodies .
Best of luck,

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Hello Fellow Smokers,


Received my new PCC Backyard Cooker on Friday.  It was a real struggle getting that monster off the truck.  But the driver stuck with it and with the help of my neighbor, they took it all the way back to the deck I built for it.  Awesome!!!  Those pneumatic tires are "da bomb".


Washed it Friday and allowed to air dry overnight.  Yesterday I painted the entire inside (grates and all) with veggie oil I had used in my deep fryer. (The oil was still good and was well flavored, to boot!)  Burned it at 400*F for 4 hrs, then just let it burn itself out.  It took about 90 min to reach temp and I used 20 lbs of charcoal and 3 good sized chunks of aged oak.  Haven't cooked anything yet, but it already smells great! 


They've made some modifications since Ambusher started this thread.


1. The cooking chamber lid no longer has the counterbalance.  There is now just a little "stub" that stops the lid from going further back.  That lid is HEAVY!  I need both hands/arms to lift it and prevent it from falling down.  I cut a small piece of garden hose and put it on the stub to keep the edge from gouging the lid's paint.  Same for the firebox lid.  Will work on a better, more attractive solution.  But this works for now.



2. The work space, in front of the cooking chamber, is solid metal and not expanded mesh.  I like it better.


3. I got the stainless steel cooking grates and am glad I did.  I think they will be easier to clean than the expanded mesh.  Pardon the finger in the bottom corner.  Not a photographer by trade.  Ha!


4. There is a hole, with a threaded plug on the right end of the cooking chamber.  I think it is there to thread a remote temp sensor through.  Nice!



Here are a couple of pictures of my 90 yr old mom and my dog, Obewan, beside the smoker. 


Busy schedule this week so I have to wait until this coming Friday to do my first smoke.  Will probably do some pork ribs and stuffed cabbage.  May even try my first fatty!  Oh boy, I feel the gym calling my name.

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Your new smoker looks awesome and I can tell that you are really excited and should be.

I agree with you on the stainless steel grates and I think you made a good choice here. I plan on doing the same when I order mine. I also noticed that you opted for the second temp gauge which I like as well.

I am sure that your Mom probably can't wait for you to pop those ribs in and get a whiff of that smoker cooking.

Please keep us posted and enjoy.


Pig  :36:

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I've been searching myself. I fell in love with the PCC Meat Monster.....and was shocked when I found out they were built just minutes from my house. I also stopped in there today and saw a Backyard Model by the door getting ready to be picked up by a guy from Kentucky.

Beautiful cookers and efficient as can be!
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Hey Fellow Smokers,

Thought I would share an update. 



Received my PCC Backyard cooker on the 12th.  Yesterday (the 20th) was my first smoke.  Cooking with plain ol’ charcoal and oak splits.  Next time will use a fruity wood.   The smoke flavor is a little heavy. Think I used a bit too much or maybe for too long. 


Also, I forgot to take a picture before the smoke got going.  Lots of excitement/anxiety errors.  Bah!  Humbug!


 I made five ATBs (I’m the only one in the house that eats them. Thought I should limit the heat factor a bit!) 

Made a cabbage stuffed with butter, bacon and jack cheese.   Also had three chicken halves, two racks of pork ribs and four “brisket bones”.


Got the brisket bones by mistake.  Picked up the wrong package at the market and didn’t notice until prep time.  Just an odd cut, but still pig!  I used very simple seasoning for everything.  Just salt, pepper, garlic and a little chipotle powder.  Yum!  Loving those “Bradley” racks!  So convenient.




 I also smoked my first “Fatty”.  Stuffed it with prosciutto and mozzarella.  Ohhhhhhh! 

The bacon weave was fun.  Next time I think I will fold two strips of bacon over each end of the fatty before I wrap the weave around it.  Hopefully that will keep the stuffing from oozing out the ends.

Sorry the pic is so dark.  Photography is definitely not my area of expertise. The fatty is in the pan at the back of the stove, on the left.


Also smoked two pans of mac-n-cheese and several pans of ‘DJ’s Smoked Peach Cobbler”.  (Sharing with the neighbors.)




Sooooo.  The flavors were good, even though the smoke was a little heavy.  The cooker is a dream machine.  Gotta go give some food away so I have an excuse to cook some more!  Thanks for “listening” to me ramble.  All comments/suggestions are welcome.

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Another update.  Ha!


Until just recently, I've only used wood chips.  Never really had access to "real" wood, which I am now learning to use.  I just followed another thread about splits and think I found the problem with my first PCC smoke.  My wood was too thick and took too long to fully ignite.  It was really a small log!)  Thus the heavy smoke.  Will spend more time actually splitting the wood and preheating it on the grill top. 


The info one can find on this forum is just awesome.

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I have a suggestion for you. I have done a lot of smoking using my current smoker which is a 36" Meadow Creek off set and also with a Lang 48" & Lang 108 cooking a ton of Boston Butts, spare ribs, turkey's, chicken and sausage. Having said that, I have typically used just wood splits generally 12" in length.

The wood of preference for me has been apple or cherry wood because they are both mild and add a nice flavor to everything that I smoke.

I am a low and slow "Q" man and therefore I smoke all of my pork items at around 225 degrees. The Boston butts or pork shoulders I smoke generally for about 10 -12 hours.

When smoking with wood it is very important to have good wood that does not have a lot of moisture in it and you want to smoke with a good bed of hot wood coals with very little smoke coming out of your smoke stack. What you are looking for is a light blue color smoke and seeing just "HEAT WAVES' coming out of the stack is great.

Get your smoker up to temp before you place your food in and manage your air vent closely. Since your PCC is set up for it, I would look strongly at getting a DigiQ that will allow you to monitor your inside smoker temperature as well as the inside temp of what you are cooking at the same time.


Now back to the wood. There is a great company in Georgia that sells some of the best wood that I have ever used. Their web site is www.baxtersoriginal.com.

Here is a thumb nail description of what good wood is about.


Baxter's Original Premium Smoker Wood is dried naturally. Most woods are debarked, cut to the desired specs, and placed in rack with forced air flow. This process allows the woods to retain their natural sugars - the key to great BBQ wood. We take our time to remove any debris that isn't supportive of the quest for perfect Que and we are sure that you'll taste the difference in your next cook. Thank you for your support of an American family operated business!

Naturally Dried sets us apart!

When it comes to seasoning your smoker wood, you should always look for wood that has been naturally dried. Here at Baxter's Original we place our wood on racks and force contstant airflow around the wood. This allows the wood to dry in a natural timeframe which preserves all of the natural sugars in the wood which helps to provide the most flavor. By forcing air around the wood we can ensure that the wood dries completely so you never receive wet wood.

The reason that Naturally Dried makes us different than the competition is that most providers "kiln" dry their wood. This means that they take their wood and put it in an oven and cook out all of the moisture from the wood. While this is a fast process is also forces out all of the woods natural sugars since it is not dried in a natural environment. By "kiln" drying their wood you get a reduction in flavor, I mean, come on the flavor comes from the natural sugars that are in the wood.

So by using Baxter's Original smoker wood you can be sure that you are getting the best flavor out of your wood and that always helps to make the tastiest, sweetest, and all around best BBQ anywhere.


They have a lot of commercial client testimonials that tell it like it is. You can buy a box of nice size Apple or Cherry wood chunks for a reasonable price and then use charcoal with your wood.


Just a couple of thoughts,



Pig   :36:

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Mr 'Liscious,

Thanks for your response to my post.  The people on this forum are "da best". 


I think my wood was simply too large.  Not too much, just should have been split.  It was essentially a joint, where the branch came off the trunk, so it was thick  It was a piece from a tree that was cut down 5-6 (I think) yrs ago.   I guess I'm gonna have to get an ax and a maul (??) and split the wood I have.  Not looking forward to that.  This 62 yr old city girl has NEVER split wood.  But I (almost) never back down from an interesting challenge.


Have recently been roaming the neighborhoods and collecting wood from downed trees.  Am very careful to collect only from identifiable trees.  I know I can't use the wood for 3-4 yrs, but that's ok.  I am building a lovely woodpile. 


I love my chain saw.  Great weight, great balance, 14" bar, battery operated.  Goes thru wood like butter.  Great for cutting "free" logs into pieces I can load in my van and take home to "reduce".  Now I need to figure a way to split/rip the wood.   Hmmm.  So, until then, I guess I will need to visit the web site of the fine folks in Georgia.


Thanks for the info and the suggestions.   Will have to wait on the DigiQ, no more money to smoke this year. 


Yeah, I kept the cooker between 225-250.  Once it got to temp, it was very easy to maintain a steady reading.  Just a few coals every 90+-  min. Am still becoming familiar with the eccentricities of this particular cooker.  I know it will put out some amazing stuff when we become better friends. :icon_surprised:


Thanks again for your help.  Will put the suggestions to good use. 


Until the next "smoke".....

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Wow great looking smoker! Nice to hear your cooking for your neighbors I was thinking of moving.
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I'll throw another steak on the grill for you.

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looks like a great smoker and since I am only 40 miles from Peoria it would be convenient also

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