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I have a question that I would like some of u to comment on. I built a smoke house. It is made out of wood with a smoke box at the bottom. I built it to cold smoke but I would also like to heat smoke at times. What temp can I get to without burning down my house?

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Could you post a pic of it. Or what size is it? What are you going to use for heat?

Happy smoken.


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I have seen a lot of wood smokers lined with metal sheets to allow for any kind of smoking. I saw one that had a grill right above the heat for straight grilling. With those temps holding okay, I would say that is a great way to make your house fire resistant at least.


On another note, I am looking to build a small cold smoker. What was your cost, materials, layout, etc.? Not to be too nosey, but any suggestions would be appreciated!




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I have a 6' tall plywood smokehouse without any protective material on the floor and I run 225* -250* from a propane turkey fryer with no got away from me once and went to 300* without damage but that was only for a short time.



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